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25 Year, bumper-to-bumper 


With the Green Day Power Forever Solar program, when you purchase your system from us and anything breaks, and it can be fixed, we’ll fix it free forever. Your system comes with a 25 Year, Full-Service Bumper-to-Bumper warranty. It covers parts, panels andlabor.Your system is also covered under the manufacturers limited warranties. See specific manufacturer warranties for details about their specific warranties. Any claim under the warranty must be made before the expiration of the warranty period. The 25 Year Solar Forever warranty is not transferrable. The manufacturer warranties are transferrable within the first ten years at no charge. If Homeowner would like to transfer warranty after 10 years, a warranty transfer fee will be charged. The fee charged is $100 for each remaining year of the warranty.

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This warranty covers the following components and installations by Green Day Power; photovoltaic modules, mounting brackets or tracking structures, inverters, wiring, foundations for the free-standing systems, and utility-required interconnection equipment. This warranty also extends to any leaks proximately caused by roof penetrations Green Day Power made while installing the solar system, but it does not extend to leaks that would have occurred even in the absence of such penetrations. In no event will Green Day Power’s liability for roof penetration exceed the total purchase price of the solar system paid by the original homeowner.

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     Except for the express warranty stated herein, Green Day Power provides no other warranty including, without limitation, any implied warranties of quality, and performance. This Warranty does not cover: (1) Damage or malfunctions caused by a failure to properly operate or maintain the solar system in accordance with printed instructions provided by Green Day Power and/or the solar system component manufacturer(s); (2) Damage or malfunction caused by any repair, replacement, or installation of a part or service not provided or authorized in writing by Green Day Power. Green Day Power recommends that, to avoid the exclusions set forth herein, all hardware installations or upgrades should be performed by Green Day Power, or with Green Day Power’s prior written consent: (3) Damage or malfunction resulting from homeowner or third-party abuse, accident, alteration, improper use, negligence, or vandalism, earthquake, fire, flood, or other acts of god, war or terrorism, or acts of parties outside Green day Power’s control; or (4) Damage or malfunction resulting from the performance of repairs, maintenance, or replacement of Homeowner’s roof by anyone other than Green Day Power. Homeowner’s roof will naturally degrade over the course of this Warranty.

     Therefore, Green Day Power shall have no liability, under this Warranty, the Contract, or otherwise, for damage to Homeowner’s roof that results from the performance of Green Day Power’s Warranty obligations, except (a) to the extent it is determined that such damages were caused by Green Day Power’s gross negligence; or (b) where Homeowner’s roof was installed by Green Day Power. No implied or statutory warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall apply.

     Homeowner shall be entitled to all Warranties, if any, provided by the manufacturer(s) of the components, accessories and equipment that were installed by Green Day Power. These items generally include, but are not limited to, solar panels, inverters, and disconnect switches. In the event that a component, accessory or item of equipment will be unavailable for reasons beyond Green Day Power’s control, Green Day Power shall have the right to substitute a reasonable equivalent item.

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